How many apartments does Casa D&G have?

A: There are two unique apartments, one is a one-bedroom apartment and the other is a studio.

How many people can it accommodate?

A: In the one-bedroom apartment, a couple with two children, however, most of our guests are just one person.

Is there a price difference when there is more than one person?

A: Yes, there is a $30+IVA charge if there are two people. Young children do not pay extra.

What is the IVA (VAT) surcharge in Mozambique?

A: 17%. It is levied on most goods and services in Mozambique.

Is there a minimum stay requirement? Why?

A: Yes, it is 10 days. This is to reduce the turnover and traffic of guests, as the Casa D&G property is shared by the owners.

Are the apartments non-smoking?

A: Yes!

Are pets allowed?

A: No.

What are your Typical Clients?

A: Casa D&G caters for short-term consultants, diplomats and freelancers who require a authentic option when tired of staying in a hotel: your stay in Maputo is long enough to warrant more comfort and freedom, but, is not long enough to warrant a full long-term rental.

How did Casa D&G get its name?

A: D&G are the initials of the husband and wife proprietors.